Color your memories

All Memories Become Beautiful

Article is a place to beautifully express what you've seen, heard, and felt.
There is various content available for expression such as images, illustrations, videos, sounds, texts, etc.

It has been a posting platform where you can create a special space with your work.

Create Easily and Beautifully

Anyone can easily use the high-quality editor "Stylizer" included in Article.
Expressive content is now possible. Using images, illustrations, videos, sounds, and text,
your stories can become more beautiful thanks to the various expressions created through the optimized Stylizer.

Professional Layout

Article precisely organizes the review and content
and provides features to create a collection and home page. It has been beautifully arranged.
You can now have your own collection online.

Preparing for
official launch

Article is currently going through a Beta test with invited users.